QRCA Mount Mahony Project

Feb 2024 Update: QRCA is pleased to announce that we’re ready to break ground on Phase 1 of The Mt Mahony Project. Construction of the first six new trails will start in the coming weeks! The QRCA received five comprehensive bids in response to the RFP issued in the fall. After a detailed review and ranking process the QRCA RFP Sub-committee unanimously recommended a contractor to the board for approval.
We are excited to announce that we have entered into a contract with Howler Contracting Ltd, based out of Whistler, BC, for the construction of four new machine built green and blue rated trails on Mount Mahony. Howler Construction will build Descent 1, Climb 2, Descent 2 and the Inland Lake Connector Trail. In addition to these four trails, the Chain Gang will be building Climb 1 and various board and club volunteers will be building a trail to connect from Retrograde to the new parking lot. The club will be using the Community Forest Fund Grant to finance the construction of these six new trails.
Speaking of the new parking lot…thanks to everyone for staying out of this area over the winter to allow the area to dry out and settle in. We’re hoping it will be ready for top-dressing and completion early in the Spring. In the meantime, we have two outhouses currently on order that will be installed in the coming months.
This is just the first Phase of construction. The QRCA is busy applying for more grants to continue extending the climbing trail up to the ‘Burly Gates’ matched with a progression of new descending trails.


  • Feasibility Project RFP Announced 100% 100%
  • Feasibility Study Completed 100% 100%
  • Phase 1 RFP Announced 100% 100%
  • Phase 1 RFP Accepted 100% 100%
  • Phase 1 Work Progress 10% 10%