QRCA membership is available for anyone who wants to participate in or support the biking community here in the qathet Regional District, Powell River and the surrounding area. Membership fees go towards trails, infrastructure, events, and education. Whether you bike to work, shuttle laps on a daily basis, or have a grandchild interested in the sport, this is a great way to get involved and stay informed about awesome things to come! Memberships run January 1st to December 31st and are not pro-rated. IMBA liability insurance is included in the membership fee. Members are NOT insured for personal injury and liability.

The QRCA membership costs just $40 per person or $80 for a family registration 2 adults and 3 youth), and is the most effective way to support what the association does. We also offer membership options for youth (under 19 years of age), corporate groups, and youth groups. Benefits include IMBA liability insurance, group rides and events, discounts on QRCA merch, prizes and giveaways, and the joy in knowing that you’ll be contributing to the development and advocacy of our trails.