About Us

The Qathet Regional Cycling Association was created to:
  • Promote the stewardship and official establishment of local trails.
  • Access funds for trail construction and maintenance.
  • Promote the development of trail networks, maps and signage.
  • Organize local events and rides.
  • Represent the cycling community before agencies, municipal and regional governments, other groups, and tenure holders.
The purposes of the society as outlined in our constitution are:
  • To promote, assist and advocate for the use of the bicycle for sport, recreation and transportation.
  • To promote and protect the rights of bicyclists.
  • To advocate for the interests of bicyclists.
  • To promote bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation.
  • To support bicycling safety and skills education.
  • To work with other community groups, agencies and organizations having similar goals that can contribute to the purposes of the society.
  • To raise funds as necessary to carry out the purposes of the society.
QRCA Board of Directors
  • President: Curtis Vollmin

  • Vice President: Alston Miller

  • Secretary: Brooke Hanson

  • Treasurer: Patricia Winchell

  • Director of Trails: Brendan Behan

  • Director of Social Rides / Events: Mickey Adam

  • Director of Membership: Lindsey Gosnell

  • Director of Communications / Branding: Miles Arbour

  • Director of Active Transportation: Chris Morwood

  • Director of Government/Indigenous Relations and Advocacy: Craig Galligos